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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

CM9 theme CirclesMod White apk v4 download

CM9 theme CirclesMod White v4
CM9 theme CirclesMod White v4 apk
Requirements: Android 4.0+
Overview: White CirclesMod for those of you who prefer a more austere Android(TM) 4.0 experience.
CM9 theme CirclesMod White v4
As some would notice, the theme bears a striking resemblance to Nitroz’s Black Exodus, and to an even further degree, the theme known from XDA and RootzWiki as Black Nexus. The reason for that is simple…it essentially is Black Nexus! Black Nexus was a collaborative effort between Nitroz and me, and I am releasing my white CirclesMod on the black&white framework that Nitroz has since perfected with Black Exodus.
To preempt any misunderstandings, I’m doing this with Nitroz’s clear and explicit permission.
This is for the Theme Chooser known from for example CM9/10 and AOKP – the Theme holds special customizations for AOKP. But you need the Theme Chooser, otherwise this app will do nothing.
It has been tested and found working on the following devices running CyanogenMod 9 and/or AOKP:
Galaxy Nexus, Nexus S, Galaxy S2/S3, Galaxy Tab 10.1, Galaxy Note, HTC One X.
If you have issues or questions, please direct them at
I can’t communicate with you through the review section.
Your comments may not even be visible to me :-)
This theme applies via the Theme Chooser.
1. Install this app.
2. Open Android Settings and select Themes.
3. Select my theme and press the “Apply” button.
4. Reboot
!! Rebooting makes the theme apply properly. It’s important. Trust me :-)
This App has NO advertisements
Free CM9 theme CirclesMod White v4 apk