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Saturday, 27 October 2012

Magical Music Box apk v1.2.9.12 download

Magical Music Box v1.2.9.12
Magical Music Box v1.2.9.12 apk
Requirements: Android 2.2+
Overview: The whole family is going to be charmed: beautiful melodies give magical life to miniature worlds and their tiny animated characters!
Magical Music Box v1.2.9.12
Discover and rediscover classical melodies, children songs, and popular chants from all over the world. Be amazed with beautiful animations, while learning origins of each song and singing with the lyrics!
Inspired by classical music boxes that have been around since the 19th century, the Magical Music Box is a natural descendant in the era of digital toys. You can use your digital music box by virtually turning the crank as you would with an antique box, or choose automatic mode to simply relax and enjoy its music and animations.
✰ 16 songs and more to come
✰ 6 original animated music boxes
✰ manual or automatic play
✰ song information and lyrics
✰ beautiful graphics in HD (for compatible devices)
✰ authentic music box sound
✰ listening practice: learn to play the songs at the right speed
✰ content awareness: discover the diversity of music and songs
✰ sound discrimination: focus on the melody to get the essence of each composition
✰ history and culture: learn facts about each song
✰ science: discover the solar system in a way that is engaging for everyone
✰ A la Claire Fontaine (France)
✰ Au Clair de la Lune (France)
✰ Beautiful Dreamer (United States)
✰ Brazilian national anthem (Brazil)
✰ Drunken Sailor (United Kingdom)
✰ Brother John (France)
✰ Für Elise (Germany)
✰ Hänschen Klein (Germany)
✰ Il était un Petit Navire (France)
✰ Invention No.8 (Germany)
✰ La Marseillaise (France)
✰ Old MacDonald had a Farm (United States)
✰ Ronda Alla Turca (Austria)
✰ Symphony n°5 (Germany)
✰ Brahm’s Lullaby (Germany)
✰ Swan Lake (Russia)
✰ the vapor train exploring the countryside
✰ the small ship travelling on the oceans
✰ the sleeping city
✰ the gnomes’ diamond mine
✰ the fantasy carousel
✰ the solar system
We are a new studio making “Apps for Curious Kids”!
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