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Saturday, 27 October 2012

Touch Pilot One apk 1.0.4 download

Touch Pilot One 1.0.4
Touch Pilot One 1.0.4 apk
Overview:Control a flight simulator from your tablet with Touch Pilot One™
Touch Pilot One 1.0.4
Control a flight simulator from your tablet! Touch Pilot One™ allows you to adjust your throttle, gear, flaps, and more with just a touch. Now you don’t have to remember all those keyboard commands! It works with any flight sim running on a Windows PC, including FSX and X-Plane. The app transmits your commands over WiFi, and emulates a joystick on your PC. There’s a free server component that runs on your PC. Get it from We suggest that you install the server before you download this app.
Modern flight simulators are highly complex, just like the aircraft they seek to simulate. There are too many controls for one joystick to cover. Most sims use the PC’s keyboard for the rest of the controls. In the past, pilots faced the cumbersome task of memorizing dozens of keyboard commands, which are different for each sim. Those days are over with Touch Pilot One. Now, you can touch realistic looking aircraft controls on your tablet’s screen instead. The controls are clearly labeled, conveniently illuminated, and a joy to use compared to a clackety old keyboard. You’ll be even more deeply immersed in the feeling of flying a real aircraft!
Check out what SimHQ said about Touch Pilot One: “It is clearly much more fun raising and lowering undercarriage and flaps, turning lights on and off, trimming your aircraft, managing your engine, etc. by touching the panel”.
Touch Pilot One is designed for tablets only. We can’t guarantee that it will work properly on a phone.
By downloading this application, you are agreeing to the End User License Agreement, which can be found at
What’s in this version:
1.0.4 – Added link to EULA in menu.
1.0.3 – Performance improvements for Android 3.1+: smoother motion on sliders and trim wheels.
Smoother fading on all versions of Android.
The black slider now starts at the bottom by default.
The app sends the current position of all sliders upon connection to server.
Eliminated screen flash upon first touch of the sliders on some devices.
All buttons flash briefly when connection to server is made.
Free Touch Pilot One 1.0.4 apk