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Saturday, 27 October 2012

LockerPro Lockscreen apk 1.0 download

LockerPro Lockscreen 1.0
LockerPro Lockscreen 1.0 apk
Overview:LockerPro is a lockscreen replacement providing extended notifications.
LockerPro Lockscreen 1.0
With LockerPro ( Locker Pro ) you can greatly improve the way your device displays notifications.
This app provides notifications on your lockscreen for any app installed on your phone.
Support :
* If you have any question or suggestion, please use our feedback page here :
The service :
* To work properly, LockerPro requires that you activate the accessibility service “LockerPro” (accessibility services are currently the only way to process user notifications on the Android OS).
* You then have to use the “Monitoring” section to choose which apps should raise notifications, and how.
* Status bar notifications must be enabled in the monitored apps for the banners to appear properly.
How to use it :
* Swipe the notification to the right to launch it
* Swipe to the left to dismiss it
Important information :
* Note that dismissing the notification won’t remove it from the status bar (the Android OS doesn’t currently allow to manually remove 3rd party apps notifications from the status bar).
* As a default, notifications will be enabled for SMS, MMS, missed calls, GMail, Talk, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, etc…
Free LockerPro Lockscreen 1.0 apk