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Saturday, 27 October 2012

Magnetic Balls Live Wallpaper apk v2.12 download

Magnetic Balls Live Wallpaper v2.12
Magnetic Balls Live Wallpaper v2.12 apk
Requirements: Android 2.1 and up
Overview: Magnetic balls that react when you touch the screen. Use the settings to completely change behavior of the balls.
Magnetic Balls Live Wallpaper v2.12
Now you can select your own photo from the gallery and each ball will shift color so they together look like the photo!
In the free version most settings are locked.
In the full version you can customize:
- select photo and balls adapt colors to look like the picture
- custom ball color
- custom background color
- select color scheme for touch/bleed colors
- random color changes when touched (on/off)
- color bleed to surrounding balls (on/off)
- reverse lift (away instead of towards you)
- lift speed
- gravity
- amount of bounce
- float time (freeze balls before dropping)
- object shape
* Ball
* Pyramid
* Square
* Cross Stitch
* Token (flat ball)
* Fuzz
* Star
* Dollar Sign ($)
* At Sign (@)
- grid distance
- distance between balls
- ball size
- lift neighbors (how many surrounding balls will be affected by a touch)
Double tap to reset colors of all balls back to the original color (or photo).
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Free Magnetic Balls Live Wallpaper v2.12 apk