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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Blue Simplicity AOKP/CM10 apk v1.8 download

Blue Simplicity AOKP/CM10 v1.8
Requirements: 4.0.3 and up
Overview: The new update now also comes with inverted Gmail and Mms! Please note inverted apka€™s are for the most part impossible via theme chooser, so I have provided a zip to flash to get my inverted apka€™s and a zip to go back to stock apka€™s if you should happen to leave Simplicity for another theme!

►►► Get Inverted and back to stock Gmail and Mms right here!
Inverted application WITH Mms quick reply downloads:
► (Inverted)
► (Back to stock)
Inverted applications WITHOUT Mms quick reply downloads:
► (Inverted)
► (Back to stock)
Blue Simplicity was built with the hopes of keeping it clean and classy! As a member of TeamKang, and a fan of CM10, i made sure to pull both in order to theme them both completely, and will continue to do so as both teams grow.
Once you give Blue Simplicity a shot, you may never go back to stock JB again!
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► Oodles of base edits!
► To start things off, Framework and SystemUI overhauls, Phone, Contacts, Dialer, Settings, Romcontrol, MMS and Gmail have all been themed!
Installation Notes
Download from Google Play
► Install like any other application
► Settings, Themes and apply Simplicity!
► Reboot if needed (Yes, theme chooser has its issues, reboot will fix things up)
► Nandroid and flash inverted Gmail and Mms!
► If you get an error, just click apply anyway! This IS NOT a theme issue, its a building in Windows issue! Please don’t rate negatively because of this error, nothing i can do about it…
What’s in this version:
Version 1.8
► Gmail now inverted without flashing an inverted apk!
► MMS now inverted without flashing an inverted apk!
► Contacts now inverted without flashing an inverted apk!
► New Gmail and MMS widget design!
► Other small patches giving everything more sexayness!
Version 1.7
► Updates to ROM control
► Updates to status bar icons for GB style data
► Random small updates!
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