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Thursday, 29 November 2012

CM10 CM9 TouchWiz 5.0 theme apk v3.2.4 download

CM10 CM9 TouchWiz 5.0 theme v3.2.4
Requirements: 4.0+
Overview: CyanogenMod 10, CyanogenMod 9 & AOKP Theme: TouchWiz 5.0 for the T-Mobile theme chooser

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*******Problems while installing the theme?*******
- Theme is inproperly compiled error. Solution: Set system theme, reboot your phone, set TouchWiz theme
- When installing this theme, you may ignore the “Sorry, this theme is missing assets for your device’s screen size.” message! :)
************************************************** ******
Designed for both HDPI and XHDPI devices!
Please have a look at this xda thread for instructions and feedback!….php?t=1751952
[Themed non-system apps]
- Apex Launcher
- Nova Launcher
- Trebuchet
- Default launcher
- Apollo
- Google Music
- Android music player
- Poweramp
- Go Contacts EX
- Go Dialer EX
- exDialer & Contacts
- Root Explorer
- ASTRO Filemanager
- OI Filemanager
- ES File Explorer
- Solid Exporer Beta
What’s in this version:
- Added H+ icon
- Improved Data and Wi-fi icons (again)
- Improved Data icons
- Themed Soundrecorder
- Statusbar is black again
- Minor fixes
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