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Monday, 23 April 2012

Claystone Launcher Pro v1.22 apk

Claystone Launcher Pro v1.22 apk
Claystone Launcher Pro v1.22 apk
Requirements: Android 2.1 and higher
Overview: Claystone Labs is making Android the easiest smartphone to use, bar none.
With Claystone, we’ve worked hard to develop a launcher that allows you to not only access and discover outstanding content, but also enjoy it within our innovative panel-based navigation system.

A New Way to Navigate Android
Claystone's home screen experience is designed around panels of content that are grouped and organized into stacks. By tapping the stack icon in the middle of the launch bar, you’re presented a 3D overview of your open panels that allows you to easily navigate amidst a wealth of integrated media, including: photos, videos, news feeds, and more.
With Claystone, we’ve done our best to ensure Android users spend less time switching being apps and more time enjoying their content.

Claystone: Customized
In addition to our exclusive navigation system and top-tier content, we’ve also designed Claystone to be configurable to your interests.
By pressing your device’s ‘Menu’ button and tapping ‘Preferences’, you’ll have immediate access to a host of customization options, setting everything from the # of YouTube search results to the speed in which panel animations occur on-screen.

Themes from the Claystone Team
Claystone Blueberry Theme
Claystone Windowed Theme
Claystone Honeycomb Theme ($)
Claystone Dark Glass Theme ($)
Claystone Cartoon Theme ($)

Technical Support
Encounter an issue while using Claystone? Please visit our Support page @">
Or, if you prefer, you can report the error from within the app by pressing the Menu button, then ‘Preferences -> About Claystone -> Send Feedback’.
From update 1.14 going forward we have instituted a crash reporter to help us log the majority of crashes so we can fix them.
User Guide
New to Claystone and curious as to what you can do within it?">View our User Guide.

Minium Requirements for Installing Claystone
- Android smart phone or tablet
- Android 2.1 and higher
- OpenGL 1.1 and higher
- Medium screen density (160 mdpi) or higher

What's in this version:
Added preference for Claystone Pro users to disable auto-open of Google Play stacks
Transparent + Serenity themes now immediately available to Pro users
Added 'Play Stack' to Claystone Apps list
Addressed issue with closing Google Play stacks
Addressed inconsistency re: options menu

Please remove old version before installation.

More Info:
Download Instructions: No pro key needed.